Buy Viking E-Hookah Electronic

Buy Viking E-Hookah Electronic

Buy Viking E-Hookah Electronic, The CE4 clearomizer is still one of the bestselling tanks in the market since it was released a few years ago. mail order marijuana, The CE4’s ease of use and simplistic nature makes this a great tank for beginners and veterans alike. medical benefits of marijuana, The CE4 is disposable; simply toss the tank away when your e-liquid starts tasting burnt. moonrocks for sale, With our low price of $2.20, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank!

The CE4 has a capacity of 1.6mL and a resistance of 2.8 Ohms. For variable voltage users that means you can safely vape at 4.0 ohms.

The Battery

Our kit comes with a 650 mAh eGo/510 threaded battery. eGo/510 threading means that our battery will take almost any vaporizer tank you find out there!

Our batteries use the standard 5 click to turn the battery on or off.

Disposable electronic hookah pen vapes are perfect for a quick flavor fix anytime and anywhere.

  • Up to 600 puffs each ehookah
  • 10 tantalizing flavors
  • Light-up tip on inhale
  • Nicotine Free / Zero Nicotine / Non Nicotine

Not a tobacco product. Does not contain nicotine or tobacco.


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